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Recycling? Yes You “Can”.

If you stop for a moment to think about the amount of soda that the average person drinks in a year, and then think how many cans that adds up to, it is quite something to picture all those cans piled up. If you then think about how many cans an entire town, city, or state will drink in a year, then the amount of cans stuck in landfills has to be something utterly remarkable. And the […]

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Science And Recycling: What Is Possible?

For so long, we were unaware of how the environment was affected by what we have come to consider as human activity. As a result, in the present day we find ourselves running somewhat to catch up, and the only way that we can get more out of ourselves in the recycling process is to look to science for help. How can the scientific sector help us to make the future cleaner and greener. What is on […]

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