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Talking Around A Recycling Skeptic

Although there is a compelling amount of evidence that most of what the environmental scientists have been telling us for years is true, there is no shortage of skepticism around the major environmental issues facing us. There are plenty of people who have made their refusal to recycle into a political stance. Not only do they not wish to recycle, they wish to pull the rug from under anyone who does. They argue that it actually takes […]

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Old Cell Phone, New Cell Phone

When the first cell phones came into existence, they were few in number and it would have been difficult to imagine just how commonplace they would become. These days, even people who had sworn never to buy a cell phone will have one – for sending text messages or even just for emergencies. What no-one foresaw was that most people would buy a new cell phone on average once a year – and in some cases, more […]

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Recycling You Can Do Yourself

Recycling is encompassed in most people’s minds as the trip to the recycling bins at the end of their garden, at a municipal tip or in another public place. One way or another, the process of recycling is considered to take time and effort, and this is many people’s reason for not doing it. However, there is plenty you can do to recycle that does not take any more effort than just continuing to do what you […]

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Why Should I Recycle Plastics?

Imagine your weekly grocery shop. Put yourself in the place where you do that shop and mentally walk around the store. Now, as you are doing this, think of all of the items you pick up that are either made from or stored in plastic. When you consider the amount of plastic that is used by domestic and industrial customers in the course of a year, it adds up to a lot. Soda bottles and yogurt pots. […]

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Why Recycling Is Important

Although there is a lot of cynicism directed against the environmentalist movement, this does not stop an awful lot of people from recycling. You don’t need to be an environmentalist to care about recycling, after all. Although it is one of the major green issues, recycling is about a lot more than just keeping the world clean and thriving. Considering how much garbage we create and throw out in this day and age, recycling is simply a […]

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